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The Countdown to Christmas...

At Fortnum’s, we are unswervingly committed to Christmas – and so come the month of December, we need to ensure that every day is properly honoured. That’s why we have filled our Christmas advent calendars with endlessly pleasing and delicious things, from creamy milk chocolate and ridiculously good truffles to silky tea bags and even a little jingle too.


You'll find the perfect Fortnum & Mason Advent Calendar for you or your loved ones right here in this joyful edit.


With 313 Christmases under our buckled belt, you might think that we have seen it all. But recent global events mean that the festive season is proving to be very different this year, with this in mind, here’s a little reminder, to do your shopping earlier than usual to ensure you’ll have the very best of Fortnum’s this Christmas.

Truffle Selection Advent Calendar

Strictly for big kids there’s the Chocolate Lovers' Advent Calendar. Enjoy a daily, decadent treat - in truffle form, with flavours including Marc de Champagne, Christmas Pudding, Spiced Biscuit and Salted Caramel. The real challenge is only opening one window a day.

Christmas Tea Lovers Advent Calendar

This incredibly refreshing tea calendar is here to warm up those cold, winter mornings. Containing a classic Fortnum’s blend, bright infusion, and something new to discover behind each window.

Fortnum's Wooden House Advent Calendar

Our iconic store façade adorns these beautifully crafted wooden advent calendars, available filled or unfilled and even a musical version too. These truly special calendars become heirlooms, handed down through generations and re-filled with treats for years to come.

Fortnum's Feasting Advent Calendar

There are few better ways to count down to Christmas than with a special Fortnum's surprise every morning. Filled with 25 delicious treats – from tea, coffee and confectionery to biscuits, preserves, condiments and tipples – the festive build-up has never been so enticing.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Spot all of your Fortnum's favourites - from a hamper or Camellia Teapot to our Piccadilly Façade - on this beautifully decorated, tree-shaped wooden advent calendar.

Fortnum's Tea Filled Wooden Advent Calendar

Discover the delights of our tea counter this Christmas in Fortnum's Tea Wooden Advent Calendar. Filled with loose leaf brews from far-flung places, this joyous calendar can be easily refilled year after year. Behind each of these 24 doors is an exceptional tea waiting to be enjoyed during the most wonderful time of the year. Happy sipping! 

Bawden Stag & Santa Advent Calendar

Edward Bawden - English painter, illustrator and graphic designer - worked with us throughout the 1930s and 1950s, with many of his images becoming synonymous with Fortnum's. This stunning wooden advent calendar reinvents a Bawden image from our 1956 Christmas catalogue.

Fortnum's 3D Advent Calendar

Joy to the world! Celebrate all 24 days of Christmas with this free-standing 3D paper advent calendar, decorated with the façade of our Fortnum's Piccadilly store, complete with our rooftop hives. 

Fortnum's Beauty Advent Calendar

Nestled within each of the 25 drawers of this advent calendar are 20 full-sized products, 6 deluxe samples and 1 travel-sized miniature of the most nourishing skincare, haircare, fragrance, bath, body and wellness treats and accessories. Revealing luxury brands, including Aromatherapy Associates, Cult51, ESPA, Dr Vranjes, Bramley and Elizabeth Scarlett.