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Stephen Webster Astro Ball Necklace, Ophiuchus

Catalogue code: 8024803

Discover your cosmic horoscope with the Astro Ball Jewellery Collection from Stephen Webster. Reflecting the 13 zodiac signs, each exquisite necklace has been carved from 18K yellow gold with a luscious white pearl, or in the case of Ophiuchus; the thirteenth Astro sign, a black pearl. Effortlessly versatile, every Astro Ball comes with an 18" trace chain and the option to wear their charm as an earring - depending on how the stars align.

OPHIUCHUS 29 November - 18 December
"Gazing into my Astro Ball pearl, I see a secretive serpent. Ophiuchus is extremely curious and dynamic; while being very passionate this passion can manifest itself in an explosive temper and envy that glows green. Not always slithering in the shadows; Ophiuchus is known to have a good sense of humour and also a strong sexual energy - which if you ask me is a lethal combination."

Material: 18K Yellow Gold
Gemstone: Black Pearl
Length: 18" Trace Chain
Clasp: Lobster

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