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St. Helena Sandy Bay Coffee Beans, 125g Tin

Catalogue code: 8023190

Deep in the heart of the South Atlantic Ocean, lies the remote, windswept island of St. Helena. Once a strategic staging post for the East India Company, its illustrious history encompasses the exile of Napoleon; himself an enthusiastic coffee drinker. Today, it remains the enchanting home for the rare, Green-Tipped Bourbon Arabica coffee, introduced to the island in 1733 from the fabled Port of Al-Mokha, in Yemen.

Produced in tiny batches on the Bamboo Hedge Estate, the limited annual harvest makes this an exceptionally rare, and treasured, coffee bean for the connoisseur. The ripe coffee cherries are wet processed using natural spring water from the Island’s peaks.

Lightly floral with a caramel-like sweetness on the nose, this light roast, washed bourbon arabica is wonderfully balanced in the cup with sweet, citrus flavours. Perfect for all-day sipping – from your morning wake-up cup to an after-dinner treat.

Weight: 125g

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