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Sailboat Chocolate, 180g

Catalogue code: 5067759

We're proud to introduce the world’s first ’farm to store’ 99% emission-free chocolate slates, expertly crafted by the Grenada Chocolate Company and in partnership with Chantal Coady OBE.

It has been on a long journey to reach us here in Piccadilly, travelling all the way from the Caribbean by a fleet of wind-powered sailing boats, horse-drawn carriages and electric vans. Along the way, the chocolate was broken down, tempered and packaged at one of the oldest chocolatiers in Ireland, NearyNógs.

Tucked inside the fully-recyclable box are three naturally-grown, certified organic chocolate slates – made from fine flavour Trinitario Cocoa Beans and featuring ascending levels of cocoa solids. Discover heady floral aromas and tart berry fruit notes in the 71%, an 85% characterised by complex flavours of fig, bold cocoa and a rich aroma of tobacco and leather, or, for something truly distinctive, unwrap the 100% cocoa slate and experience earthy baked aromas of chocolate brownie, with savoury mellow tannins, and light fruit on the finish.

Only made possible by the hard work of a multitude of expert collaborators, our latest chocolatey innovation is on a mission to do right by the planet. (And it just so happens to taste delicious too.)

Read more on the journey of our wave-riding, fairly-farmed, solar-powered Sailboat Chocolate here.

Weight: 180g

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