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Roja Parfums Gardenia De Madagascar Candle, 300g

Catalogue code: 2211886

In this sophisticated scent, gardenia mingles amongst a bouquet of rose and jasmine, counterpointed by citrus bergamot, and underscored by the softness of styrax and a touch of musk.

“Emerging from sun-baked orange earth and nestled amongst a swathe of waxen emerald leaves, precious teardrop buds unravel into little white stars. Released from these blooms, a heady cloud of scent unfurls into the evening. On hot summer nights with skin still warm from the sun’s rays, lovers passing by fall under the spell of the Gardenia. Air thick with humidity, the flower’s soft, creamy scent weaves itself like a charm into the tropical breeze. Enchanted by their song, a flower is picked off, and pushed gently behind an ear.” - Roja Dove.

Weight: 300g

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