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Prosody London Organic Eau de Parfum Gift, Set 6 x 10ml

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Sample Prosody's complete inaugural organic eau de parfum collection. Each set contains: Jacinth Jonquil - A captivating and contemporary spring-time, floral fragrance - irresistible and idyllic. Neroli Nuance - A fresh and flirtacious intense citrus, floral fragrance - energising and elegant. Lissom Linden - A sophisticated and sensual, fresh, floral fragrance - uplifting and unforgettable. Rose Rondeaux - A delightful and decadent fruity, woody, rose fragrance - romantic and radiant. Oud Octavo - An alluring and addictive, sweet, woody fragrance - intriguing and intoxicating. Mocha Muscari - An evocative and enigmatic, fruity, musky fragrance, with a hint of coffee - surprising and seductive.

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