Yemen Mokha Coffee Beans, 125g Tin

Yemen Mokha Coffee Beans, 125g Tin

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Yemen Mokha Coffee Beans, 125g TinYemen Mokha Coffee Beans, 125g Tin
Product description
Rare and utterly extraordinary, Yemeni Mokha's complex roots and heritage encapsulate the original frontiers of coffee cultivation, consumption and dissemination – from the treasured Red Sea port of Al-Mokha, to the four corners of the Earth.

Working in collaboration with Sabcomeed, a collection of 230 farmers deliver their precious, ripe coffee cherries to the Shaia’an village in the district of Al-Qafr to be gently sun-dried. Standing at a towering 2000m, here the coffee terraces are etched into dry, rocky mountainsides, planted with indigenous Arabica varietals and steeped in coffee history.

Rare and complex with a berry fruit aromas, this light roast, natural arabica is flavoured with notes of dark chocolate, stone fruits and dried fig. Perfect for all-day sipping – from your morning your wake-up cup to an after-dinner treat.

Available in whole bean coffee tins.

Weight: 125g
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