World Honey Trio
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World Honey Trio

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Our exceptional range of honeys & syrups are so deliciously sweet and runny they're a must for the breakfast table. This trio pack of Fortnum’s World Honeys includes Honey from Vietnam - Polifloral 200g, Honey from Spain - Lemon Blossom 200g and Hungarian Acacia Honey 275g.

Honey from Vietnam is a polifloral honey with a distinctive sweet and citrusy flavour - it leaves a very pleasant mild smokey note on the palate.

Honey from Spain is thick and sweet with delicate notes of lemon blossom. A refreshing light honey from the south of Spain with a gentle scent of lemon groves.

Hungarian Acacia Honey is one of our lightest honeys. Made by bees feeding on the plentiful Hungarian acacia trees, its light floral flavour is perfect for stirring into tea and for feeding to children on thickly buttered slices of bread.

Imagine trying to choose just one? We couldn’t, so you shouldn’t either.