Valentines Caramel Sharing Hearts

Valentines Caramel Sharing Hearts

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Valentines Caramel Sharing Hearts
Product description
Enjoy this tasty journey through these oozing rich Columbian chocolate caramel hearts. Each heart is large enough for sharing and has been created with a perfect balance between the rich cocoa and floral notes of Columbian Milk and Dark Chocolate.

Indulge in:

Vibrant freshness with a Milk Chocolate Passionfruit and Liquorice Caramel
A malty creamy Milk Chocolate with a rich and smooth burnt sugar salted caramel
Enjoy the sweet-tart burst from the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Caramel.

All of these caramel hearts are hand decorated by our expert chocolate artist.

Please note: This box contains 6 hearts.

Heart Size: 4.5cm H x 5cm W x 2cm D
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