Trivelli Tartufi Porcini & Truffle Tomato Sauce

Trivelli Tartufi Porcini & Truffle Tomato Sauce

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Product description
Experience this ready-to-use Trivelli sauce, filled with the flavours of rich Tomato, earthy Porcini mushrooms and decadent Summer truffle, for a fresh and genuine seasoning. This delicious sauce may be added to give extra life to many dishes; from first courses with both fresh and dry pasta, meat or fish based second courses, starters like bruschetta and croutons, this sauce would be a great addition to pizza even.

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Perfect Pairing

The bright, fresh acidity and natural Morello cherry character in our Valpolicella allows it to partner perfectly with otherwise tricky pasta sauces - where the rich, ripe sweetness of tomato sauce can be too much for other wines to handle.