The Wicked Wicker Halloween Hamper

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Worldwide excluding Australia and New Zealand
It’s back again and bubbling with new treats for Halloween. Packed to bursting with spooktacular goodies, so gruesome that it will elicit blood-curdling screams of joy. This limited edition black hamper is absolutely wicked.
Discovery Notes

Discovery Notes


Along with a broomstick and spell book, a witch must have a fully stocked cupboard of the very best ingredients. The Wicked Wicker is the ideal starter pack for any aspiring sorcerer or sorceress – especially one with a sweet tooth. To mix into your potions, you’ll need some skulls to grind: we recommend the Deadly Chocolate Skulls Matchbox. To lure unsuspecting victims to your gingerbread house, be prepared with the frighteningly moreish Trick or Treat Truffles and Marzipan Skulls & Pumpkins. Finally, a treat for yourself - Vampire Blood Bites and Ear Wax Pieces… delicious! And no witch would be seen without her nails done, so there’s the chocolate covered Witches Finger Nails too. This limited edition wicker will have you cackling with glee. Let the dark magic commence!

For a full list of ingredients and allergens, please contact us here.

Limited Edition Black Wicker

Limited Edition Black Wicker

  • 24.5(D) x 34(W) x 20.5(H)cm
  • Traditional Wicker
  • Complete with wicker handle