The Autumnal Hamper

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As the seasons change and the days become cooler, this hamper is the perfect wicker to warm you up, inside and out. Packed full of seasonal flavours, sippable tipples and jars of deliciousness – pull on your woolliest jumper and enjoy an al fresco feast in the crisp autumnal air.
Discovery Notes

Discovery Notes


No good outdoor picnic in autumn is complete without a boozy jacket – an elegant one, of course, thanks to the finest of wines and the, er, sloest of sloe gins. Berries have been hand-picked from the hedgerows, and our deep, delicious, and mellow Sloe Gin is here for the sipping – we recommend you pop the cork on an exceptionally well-made Cote du Rhone too.

On the subject of outdoor picnics, it’s just as well that the wicker is jam-packed with filling goodies, from a rich Wild Garlic and Leek Chutney (delicious with sausages), to a bountiful assortment of preserves including the fragrant Blackberry Preserve, warming Cinnamon and Apple Curd, rich and sumptuous Victoria Plum Preserve and a jar of bold Burlington Breakfast Marmalade.

If that’s got you in the mood, up next is our limited edition once-in-a-season Autumn Tea, the smoky aroma pairs perfectly with our chilli and ginger Lucifer Biscuits – and for an extra something sweet, there’s Autumnal Chocolate Leaves.

Continue into a sugary denouement with an Ultimate Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate alongside our iconic, salty-sweet, and colossally good Toffolossus Biscuits.

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