Summer Marmalade Trio
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Summer Marmalade Trio

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Marmalade is the backbone of the British breakfast table, and has long been a favourite at Fortnum's. Our considerable collection of marmalades includes every variety one could wish for and this summer marmalade trio pack contains a few of our personal highlights.
Grapefruit Marmalade, 200g, is a fine-cut marmalade made with lighter sugars to maintain a wonderful grapefruit flavour. An elegantly tart and memorably sharp alternative to one's usual orange preserve.

Marmalade with Ginger, 200g, is a tart and zippy marmalade with a crunch of ginger spice. Transforming its sweet, tart taste into something warm and invigorating.

Lemon Marmalade, 200g, is perfect for those who like their marmalade sharp and citrusy. Exceedingly sharp, it is made with light cane sugar to add sweetness without overwhelming the lemon.

Every marmalade is made by hand in small batches in the traditional manner to ensure a superb breakfast experience.