Summer Antipasti Trio
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Summer Antipasti Trio

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Behind every great cook, stands a well-stocked pantry and stock it well we do. This trio of antipasti includes Martini Berries 167g, Antipasti Olives 700g and Lilliput Capers 170g.

Our Martini Berries are big, sumptuous caperberries, perfect for parties and sophisticated snacking. They are particularly delicious served with antipasti, salads, pasta sauces or as an accompaniment to cheese.

Our Antipasti Olives are Greek olives in extra virgin olive oil with herbs and sundried tomatoes. They make an excellent cocktail snack or appetiser ingredient.

Lilliput Capers are the smallest Spanish capers and they pack a powerful punch, despite their modest size. Full of flavour, these little capers are best served in salads, with cold meats and scattered into casseroles.

Imagine trying to choose just one? We couldn’t, so you shouldn’t either.