Stow London International First Class Case, Beige
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Stow London International First Class Case, Beige

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Product description

A must-have accessory for modern travellers, this essential travel kit contains everything needed for on-the-go communications. With a shape inspired by a traditional leather writing case, this elegant tech case includes a leather wallet, power bank charger and cable, an award-winning international foldaway plug set and a powerful memory stick.

Travel IDs and documents can be stored securely in the tech case for easy accessibility wherever you travel. Made from handmade, super-soft Spanish leather, this is a first-class gift for any adventurer.

Dimensions: 22 x 35 x 3cm

Care Instructions:

Do not expose leather to oils, make up or permanent dyes to avoid stains. If leather comes into contact with water, do not use artificial heat but allow to dry naturally.