Stephen Webster Astro Ball Necklace, Gemini

Stephen Webster Astro Ball Necklace, Gemini

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Product description
Discover your cosmic horoscope with the Astro Ball Jewellery Collection from Stephen Webster. Reflecting the 13 zodiac signs, each exquisite necklace has been carved from 18K yellow gold with a luscious white pearl, or in the case of Ophiuchus; the thirteenth Astro sign, a black pearl. Effortlessly versatile, every Astro Ball comes with an 18" trace chain and the option to wear their charm as an earring - depending on how the stars align.

GEMINI 22 May – 21 June
"Gazing into my Astro Ball pearl, I see not one but two talking heads. Your curiosity sees no end, and your contagious positive energy shines through that twinkle in your eye. Never one to leave a project unfinished; you see everything you start through to the end, no matter how perplexing the puzzle. Like a persuasive tattoo artist, you like to leave your mark on everyone you meet."

Material: 18K Yellow Gold
Gemstone: White Pearl
Length: 18" Trace Chain
Clasp: Lobster