St James Christmas Pudding, 113g

St James Christmas Pudding, 113g

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St James Christmas Pudding, 113g
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Serves 1

This light and elegant Fortnum's St James Christmas Pudding contains the finest dried fruits – Vostizza currants, Californian raisins and Turkish sultanas – as well as a well-judged quantity of Pusser’s Full-Strength Navy Rum and Fortnum’s own cognac, which is softer on the palate than ordinary cooking brandy. A small team of experienced cooks complete every stage by hand, from buttering the bowls to tying on the muslin lids, and the puddings are carefully matured so that they are as good as homemade. Made with vegetable suet in place of the traditional beef suet, this will please even those who aren’t wild about Christmas pudding. This Christmas pudding makes a perfect Christmas stocking filler and a pleasing dessert for one.

Contains alcohol.

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