Smoky Earl Grey, 25 Tea Bags

Smoky Earl Grey, 25 Tea Bags

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Smoky Earl Grey, 25 Tea Bags
Product description
Created in response to a request from the Palace for a smokier Earl Grey, this unique blend combines traditional bergamot with a touch of Lapsang and Gunpowder tea, combining the best qualities of all three. For years it was the only Earl Grey available at Fortnum's and remains popular for very good reason.

Taste & strength
A unique smoky and fragrant flavour.

When to drink
Ideal at any time of the day.


Brewing information
Use boiling water and brew for 3-5 minutes depending on taste. Serve black, perhaps with a slice of orange or lemon, or serve with a little milk.

Storage advice
Airtight container, preferably a tea caddy.

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Perfect Pairing

A twist on the traditional Earl Grey, our Smoky Earl Grey is infused with Lapsang and Gunpowder tea, making it the perfect brew for our irresistibly chewy Florentines, finished with a mixture of honey, almonds and hazelnuts, and blanketed with rich, dark chocolate.