Royal Deeside Heather Honey Shortbread Tin, 150g

Royal Deeside Heather Honey Shortbread Tin, 150g

Catalogue code: 2084363
Product description
Shortbread biscuits were traditionally cut out with a china teacup, creating the classic shortbread ‘round’. These particular shortbread rounds are made with a helping of Royal Deeside Heather Honey, which adds an almost perfumed sweetness to our exclusive recipe. Fortnum’s shortbread is handmade in Edinburgh by a small, family-run bakery, which uses high-quality raw ingredients to ensure that each biscuit has that authentic crumbly texture and freshly baked taste. The tin is decorated with a design inspired by traditional tartan and reinterpreted in bright, contemporary colours, representing our new twist on this classic recipe.

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Perfect Pairing

The robust and malty flavours of our Breakfast Blend Tea make the perfect accompaniment to our crunchy, sweet and oh-so-sweet Royal Deeside Heather Honey Shortbread Tin.