Rosa Dell'Angelo Antipasto di Salumi, 100g

Rosa Dell'Angelo Antipasto di Salumi, 100g

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Product description
A delicious first course, this Antipasto di Salumi is a varied selection of exceptional Italian meats.

Enjoy hand-salted Prosciutto Crudo, left to absorb salt in a humidified and refrigerated cell over three weeks and then left to rest and slowly dry over three months. Finally it is seasoned and hung in the sea breeze where it absorbs the wood scent crossing the Apennines.

The Salami is sourced from heavy Italian pigs and lightly seasoned with salt and pepper grains. While the Coppa is salted and dressed with pepper and spices before being dried in the fresh mountain air and left to mature for four months.

The Pancetta is salted, left to rest and hand-sewn before being seasoned for four months and stored in a cellar, leaving it with a delicate scent. Finally, the Lombo is a prized sausage that is carefully selected from the fattest pigs. The meat is carefully rubbed with salt, pepper and herbs and left to age.

Weight: 100g
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