Roja Parfums F&M Taif Aoud 50ml

Roja Parfums F&M Taif Aoud 50ml

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Roja Parfums F&M Taif Aoud 50ml
Product description
We have temporarily suspended fashion and beauty collections from sale in order to focus on food and drink deliveries.

British master perfumer Roja Parfums has created this very special perfume exclusively for Fortnum & Mason. The fragrance is constructed around the rose, the emblem of England, as a nod to the regal approval of our store since its opening in 1707. This rich, soft and sparkling fragrance opens with bergamot, developing into a warm heart around the fragrant Taif Rose of Saudi Arabia, jasmine, ylang ylang, geranium, cassis and clove. The lingering base notes encompass patchouli, aoud and sensual vanilla.