Rocktail Orangewood, 25cl, 0% ABV

Rocktail Orangewood, 25cl, 0% ABV

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Product description
A refreshing, sparkling botanical spritz perfect for summer picnics and garden parties. Rocktail's alcohol-free Orangewood Spritz is crafted using the finest steam distilled botanicals. Reigniting a steam distillation process to extract botanical oils in small batches, with the result producing a fresh and original combination of perfectly balanced, delicate flavour notes to suit an adult palate.

Blood orange zest meets the woody aroma of cascarilla in this rounded blend; with subtle sweet base notes of bitter orange peel and a hint of smokiness.

Simply serve from bottle to glass, on the rocks with a twist of orange peel to garnish and savour every sip.

0% ABV

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