Fujian White Silver Needle Pekoe Tea, 100g Caddy

Fujian White Silver Needle Pekoe Tea, 100g Caddy

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Product description
Fujian White Silver Needle Pekoe is grown and crafted on the majestic Baiyun mountain in the north-east of Fujian province, China. Its name, meaning White Cloud Mountain, is inspired by the clouds that frequently shroud the mountain's peaks. This top grade white tea is made from only the young unopened buds of the bush variety called Da Bai Hao (Big White Buds) and is famous for its light and sweet flavour. This tea is mild on the palate but develops hints of melon and peach on the second and third infusions.

Taste & strength

Light and sweet.

When to drink

Ideal at any time of day.


Fujian province, China

Brewing information

Heat water to 98°C. Use one teaspoon of tea per person and brew for five minutes. The leaves can then be reinfused seveeral times following these steps, with each infusion producing a slightly different flavour. It is best served without milk.

Storage advice

Airtight container, preferably a tea caddy.

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