Fortnum's Truffle Selection Drum, 270g

Fortnum's Truffle Selection Drum, 270g

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Fortnum's Truffle Selection Drum, 270gFortnum's Truffle Selection Drum, 270g
Product description
We have taken our favourite truffles and packed them into a glamorous drum for the ultimate Fortnum’s experience.

Delights include the Strawberry Truffle, inspired by our ice cream Parlour, mocha and espresso truffles infused with our very own feisty Sandringham Blend, and a soiree of cocktail-inspired truffles using our own spirits and liquors. Each truffle is made in London with care and finesse.

Contains alcohol.

Weight: 270g.
Product Information

Perfect Pairing

A thoughtful pairing for any coffee lover, our Mini Coffee Selection celebrates some of the best of Fortnum’s famous blends – exceptional brews made more memorable with the addition of our richly decadent truffles. Serve a pot or cafetière for the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up.