Aedle Classic Edition Headphones

Aedle Classic Edition Headphones

Catalogue code: 2139489
Aedle Classic Edition HeadphonesAedle Classic Edition Headphones
Product description
These Aedle Classic Edition over-ear headphones combine minimalistic design with high-definition, custom-made titanium transducers. Combining the latest audio technology with traditional craftmanship, the classic headphones are handmade in France crafted from sculpted aluminium and the softest, genuine leather.

3.5mm - 1.2m Cable with microphone and remote control
3.5mm - 1.2m Aramid fibre coated cable
3.5mm - 2.4m Aramid fibre coated cable
Aedle Serial Number Metal Card
Travel Pouch
Airline adapter + 6.5 mm adapter