Martell Intense Heat 40% Cognac
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Martell Intense Heat 40% Cognac

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A Martell Cordon Blue Limited Edition Cognac, the Martell Intense Heat is a special cognac is made from the same blend as the world famous Cordon Bleu, yet inspired by wood and heat. This ‘Chauffe Crocodile’ went through a special finish in a cask which has been intensely heated.

This unique process has created an alchemic formula with a vivid, candied-fruit nose that’s framed by honey and a hint of brioche. On the palate, the cognac has an astonishing sweet spice flavour that’s rounded with delicate vanilla notes.

Packaged with Thermochromic ink, this limited edition Martell Cordon Bleu cognac becomes red when touched.

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