Lucifer's Biscuits, 250g

Lucifer's Biscuits, 250g

Catalogue code: 2003754
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Product description
This surprising biscuit does many things that a biscuit shouldn't - but it's been a huge success among our customers. Each buttery biscuit is made with fresh ginger and just the right amount of chilli; as you munch, the heat builds up slowly and finishes with a warm and well-judged chilli kick. Infernally tempting, it's the biscuit that bites back.

Weight: 250g

Tin Dimensions: 35cm(H) x 6cm(W) x 6cm(D)
Product Information

Perfect Pairing

Our all-natural and naturally caffeine-free English Mint Infusion Tea is a deliciously icy partner to our intensely gingery Lucifer Biscuits with warming spiciness.