LINLEY The Nice Cup of Tea Caddy

LINLEY The Nice Cup of Tea Caddy

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LINLEY The Nice Cup of Tea Caddy
Product description
Celebrate your love for Afternoon Tea with this handsomely crafted wooden caddy – perfect for housing your favourite Fortnum’s famous blends. Masters of modern marquetry, LINLEY fuses innovative design with unrivalled craftsmanship, producing an exclusively charming walnut tea box finished with a purple sycamore, masur birch and walnut marquetry lid. Inlaid with Fortnum’s Piccadilly flagship store and clocks set to teatime – 4 o’clock to be precise – this tea caddy generously holds twenty-five Fortnum’s famous tea bags.

Dimensions: 9(L) x 17(W) x 10(D)cm.