Kenya Ngandu Coffee Beans, 250g Tin

Kenya Ngandu Coffee Beans, 250g Tin

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Product description
The Ngandu wet mill, resting on the fertile slopes of Mount Kenya, processes the ripe coffee cherries of smallholder producers, all of whom are members of the historic Rutuma co-operative. This coffee is a classic 'AA' of sparkling, citrus acidity, with notes of blackcurrants and grapefruit and a juicy lingering finish.

When to drink:
Remarkable at breakfast and surprisingly good in the afternoon.

Central Province, Kenya

Processing method:
The coffees are wet pulped and the fermentation process continues overnight, before further washing and sun-drying.

Brewing guide:
Best for use in cafetieres and filter methods. Brew at a ratio of 55-60g of coffee per litre of water for best results.
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Perfect Pairing

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