Irish Breakfast Tea

Irish Breakfast Tea

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Irish Breakfast TeaIrish Breakfast Tea
Irish Breakfast Tea
Product description
A bracing blend of expertly selected Assam and Kenyan teas; the first provides maltiness, the second adds brightness. A cup of this tea with a splash of milk will give an uplifting start to the top of the morning.

Taste & strength
Sturdy, brisk and invigorating.

When to drink
Ideal in the morning.

Assam and Kenya

Brewing information
Use boiling water and brew for 3-5 minutes depending on taste. Drink with milk.

Storage advice
Airtight container, preferably a tea caddy.

For a full list of ingredients and allergens, please contact us here.

Perfect Pairing

Sir Nigel’s exquisite thick-cut marmalade and a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea - the perfect morning duo before a busy day begins.