Honeycomb Taster Selection, 240g

Honeycomb Taster Selection, 240g

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Honeycomb Taster Selection, 240gHoneycomb Taster Selection, 240g
Honeycomb Taster Selection, 240g
Product description
Three tasty treats cut straight from the hive, this is honey in its most natural state. Delicious on toast, with cheese and biscuits, or just as it is. This taster selection includes:

Sailsbury Plain: Her Majesty’s forces have protected this rare habitat since 1898. The bees visit viper’s bugloss, melilot and sainfoin. A complex, delicate floral honey.

Heather: Heather honeycomb captures the late summer floral bloom of the remote moors. A distinct, aromatic and floral flavour.

Dungeness: From the windswept Kent coast where wood sage is a favourite with the bees, giving the honey unusual savoury herb notes. Ideal with balsamic vinegar.

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