Gigantissimi Florentines, 250g

Gigantissimi Florentines, 250g

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Product description
Inside this petite Fortnum’s tin reside chocolate giant Florentines of a very superior quality. Starting with a dark chocolate base, each biscuit has been finished with a mixture of honey, almonds and hazelnuts to give just the right combination of crunch and chew. Florentines can be rather brittle, but we have made ours pleasantly soft and sticky; and we left out the traditional cherries to make a less sweet, more sophisticated biscuit. Just right with a cup of black coffee, and very good when crumbled over vanilla ice cream.

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Perfect Pairing

A twist on the traditional Earl Grey, our Smoky Earl Grey is infused with Lapsang and Gunpowder tea, making it the perfect brew for our irresistibly chewy Florentines, finished with a mixture of honey, almonds and hazelnuts, and blanketed with rich, dark chocolate.