Genmaicha Loose Tea Tin

Genmaicha Loose Tea Tin

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Genmaicha Loose Tea Tin
Product description
This Genmaicha is a Japanese blend of green tea and roasted brown rice, from the renowned Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. This wonderful savoury and roasted tea is perfect for afternoon or anytime sipping. This Genmaicha is beautifully presented in our miniature Classic World Tin. Brew using our Kinto Kyusu black or white porcelain teapot.

did you know? Genmaicha translates as ‘Brown Rice Tea’ and is traditionally known as ‘People’s Tea’, this expression is from when the price of tea was prohibitively high and with the addition of rice, enabled the tea to be more affordable.
Product Information

Perfect Pairing

Sip outside the box and swirl a spoonful of Crete Wild Thyme Honey into Genmaicha Loose Tea. The result - a delicious afternoon tipple that’s quite spectacular!