Genmaicha, 15 Silky Teabags

Genmaicha, 15 Silky Teabags

Catalogue code: 2184674
Genmaicha, 15 Silky TeabagsGenmaicha, 15 Silky Teabags
Product description
A new green tea, Genmaicha translates as ‘Brown Rice Tea’ and is sometimes referred to as ‘the people’s tea’. A unique Japanese tea, it was originally created centuries ago – at a time when the price of tea was unaffordable to most and blending with rice made it affordable to many more people. This blend of steamed green tea and roasted brown rice, produces a savoury, mellow, gently roasted flavour. Drink and enjoy at any time of day – it pairs particularly well with fish dishes and Asian cuisine.
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