Frapin, Chateau Fontpinot X.O
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Frapin, Chateau Fontpinot X.O

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Authenticity, elegance, fineness, and even flamboyance have inspired the new presentation of Château de Fontpinot, our Château’s special old reserve. The gift box is of special Japanese lacquer, the label the color of the Château’s stone. This new presentation finds its source in tradition, tradition that inspires new creativity. The colors of this new presentation refer to this Cognac’s origins: red-orange corresponds to the fires of distillation, copper to reflect the still, and the general warm colors recall the long years of oak ageing. A presentation, thus, that inspires meditation before discovering this Cognac’s sensations. Château de Fontpinot represents the exceptionel qualities of a Grande Champagne Premier Grand Cru Cognac. Moreover, it is a very old Single Estate Réserve, issued exclusively from the Château’s own 788 acre domaine. Being exclusively harvested, distilled, aged and bottled at the Estate, this Cognac is discerned the very rare (in Cognac) ‘Château’ denomination. This XO Cognac is the result of very long ageing and dry cellaring, which confers a maximum of subtil and complex bouquet.Château de Fontpinot unleashes a veritable concentration of aromas: generous vanilla, wild flowers, and candied fruit recalling oranges and apricots, accompanied by nuances of Port and the famous ‘Rancio’, so characteristic of very old Cognacs. This very old Château de Fontpinot Réserve offers balance and a persistant finish. It shows the true signature of a Grande Champagne Cognac that has been patiently aged on its lees.

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