Fortnum's Sparkling Tea, 0% ABV

Fortnum's Sparkling Tea, 0% ABV

Catalogue code: 4008282
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Worldwide excluding Australia and New Zealand
Product description
The latest evolution in our 312-year tea history, our Sparkling Tea is a certified organic blend of eight of our famous and rare brews – and despite its celebration-ready appearance, contains zero alcohol. With complex flavours and remarkable layers, notes of tropical fruits on the nose precede a palate of lemongrass, water mint and Darjeeling, leading into drier tannins and a long-lasting hint of jasmine on the finish. The light and refreshing tipple is best enjoyed chilled al fresco, and is perfect as a picnic pairing with Fortnum’s Organic Smoked Salmon, Fortnum’s Paté and Fortnum’s Melton Mowbray Pork Pie.

0% ABV