Fortnum's Sauternes Château Briatte, 50cl

Fortnum's Sauternes Château Briatte, 50cl

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Product description
The sweet whites from Sauternes are among the most interesting and individual wines produced anywhere in the world. The curious climatic conditions allow the grapes – Semillon and Sauvignon – to reach full maturity. Cool, misty nights and mornings followed by sunny days by the small Cirons river allow the very special “pourriture noble” to form, concentrating the sugars without diminishing the acidity and creating wines that are at once both sweet and fresh.

Our Sauternes comes the heart of the appellation and in close proximity to Château d’Yquem. This wonderfully sweet, golden nectar is produced from a blend of Semillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle. Delicious with Foie Gras or paired with a sweet pudding.

Perfect Pairing

This a very happy marriage of two of life’s great culinary experiences – goose foie gras infused with fresh truffles and the wonderfully sweet, golden nectar Sauternes. A delicious table delicacy.