Fortnum's Favourite Biscuits Duo
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Fortnum's Favourite Biscuits Duo

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Perk up your afternoon brew with a Fortnum’s biscuit (or three). This duo pack of Fortnum’s Favourite biscuits includes Fortnum’s Chocolate Dipped Clotted Cream Digestive Biscuits, 135g and Fortnum’s Treacle Oat Biscuits, 140g.
The Fortnum’s Chocolate Dipped Clotted Cream Digestive Biscuits started life as a classic digestive of salty-sweetness and then we went and dipped them (just a little) in rich milky chocolate. The result is a wholly extraordinary biscuit that must be gobbled up to be believed.

Fortnum’s Treacle Oat Biscuits are rich with sweet and sticky treacle, shot through an exceptional Fortnum’s oat base for a golden, delicious crunch.

Imagine trying to choose one or the other? We couldn’t, so you shouldn’t either.