Farmed Scottish Smoked Salmon, 400g

Farmed Scottish Smoked Salmon, 400g

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Farmed Scottish Smoked Salmon, 400gFarmed Scottish Smoked Salmon, 400g
Product description
Starting from the very best single source, welfare accredited raw fish, this smoked salmon has been produced by hand at every stage; from the careful selection of premium, firm graded fish to the hand filleting & hand salting.

Our salmon sides are smoked in traditional smokeboxes with fires that are constantly burning and are monitored by hand. The salmon is smoked for between 24 and 72 hours over British Oak. The smoking time depends on many external factors which is why the time can vary.

Please note this product will arrive without its outer sleeve.
Product Information

Perfect Pairing

A masterclass in purity; this unoaked Chardonnay boasts ripe white stone fruits which play across a stony mineral palate. Rich, textured and complex, it is the perfect pairing for Fortnum's Smoked Salmon.