Cult51 Day Cream 20ml

Cult51 Day Cream 20ml

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Cult51 Day Cream 20mlCult51 Day Cream 20ml
Cult51 Day Cream 20mlCult51 Day Cream 20ml
Product description
A revolutionary 3D luxury day cream that goes beyond anti-ageing. Its potent power works with your skins own natural processes of renewal to restore and reveal its most youthful and luminous beauty. Cutting edge Day Cream is an anti-ageing elixir formulated to deliver 40 beneifits in just one application.

* After 12 hours, skin is 20% more moisturised
* Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
* Evens skin tone
* Firms the epidermal surface
* Promotes the production of collagen.

CULT Day Cream is the ultimate hydrating moisturiser with over 40 anti-ageing benefits. This luxurious cream has been formulated to leave your skin looking and feeling fresh, radiant and luminous from the inside out. Day Cream contains SPF15.