Cinnamon & Orange Shortbread Fingers, 160g

Cinnamon & Orange Shortbread Fingers, 160g

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Fortnum’s shortbread is handmade in Edinburgh by a small, family-run bakery, which uses only high-quality raw ingredients to ensure that each biscuit has that authentic crumbly texture and freshly baked taste.

These traditional shortbread fingers are made to our own recipe, which uses Cinnamon and Orange to add an extra bit of something special adding to the crisp crunch and a greater depth of flavour. Presented in an elegant box, which, in true Fortnum’s style, blends the old with the new, featuring traditional Scottish symbols reworked in bright, contemporary colours.
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Perfect Pairing

Experience something quite simply exquisite by pairing our rich, spicy Chai with a Cinnamon & Orange Shrotbread Finger handmade in Edinburgh for dunking.