Cherrilossus Biscuits, 600g

Cherrilossus Biscuits, 600g

Catalogue code: 2189411
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Cherrilossus Biscuits, 600gCherrilossus Biscuits, 600g
Product description
With the depths of a deep dark black forest juxtaposed with sour Morello cherries – a midnight feasting biscuit if ever there was one and a challenging moral dilemma to leave it at just one!

Weight: 600g

Tin Dimensions: 35cm(H) x 8cm(W) x 8cm(D)
Product Information

Perfect Pairing

Bring two teatime essentials together with our crisp, refreshing Afternoon Blend and deep, dark Cherrilossus Biscuits. The result - an Afternoon Tea that’s quite spectacular!