Ceramic Spice Jar Set: Salt, Pepper & Herbs, 275g

Ceramic Spice Jar Set: Salt, Pepper & Herbs, 275g

Catalogue code: 2063194
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Product description
Every kitchen needs spices and flavourings kept easily to hand, but the packets and jars can clutter up one’s surroundings. These three ceramic jars, each bearing Fortnum’s logo, will hold a respectable amount of salt, pepper and herbs while looking rather attractive. The jars are filled with:

Cornish sea salt
Black cracked peppercorns
English herb blend

All of which are perfect for marinades, meat rubs, dressings and garnishes. The airtight lids will keep the contents fresh and aromatic.

Salt jar: 150g
Black cracked peppercorns: 85g
English herb blend: 40g

Height: Each jar is 11cm high.

For a full list of ingredients and allergens, please contact us here.