Blushing Monkey Pink Gin, 70cl
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Blushing Monkey Pink Gin, 70cl

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Blushing Monkey Pink Gin from The Gin Kitchen distillery is an amethyst portal to the divine. A delicate floral crescendo enfolds sensuous aromatics in an evocative embrace; fresh citrus underpinning this voluptuous and sweet elixir. Or in other words, it's the love child of our mischievous Gutsy Monkey, and a bashful cluster of sweet black grapes! We add black grapes to Gutsy Monkey to create a gorgeously floral gin with a delightful sweet (but not too sweet) twist. With the addition of tonic, the initially translucent Blushing Monkey transforms into a pearlescent pink elixir. Our favourite serve is to add the tonic first so the gin forms a neon candifloss cloud.