Ahwaz Scent N°13, 75ml

Ahwaz Scent N°13, 75ml

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Product description
It's been said for many years that all the best perfumes in the world are made of 12 different scents. However, there is a 13th.

For thousands of years perfumers have been looking to find it. It's the legend of perfumery. It's said that when N°13 is added to the perfumes it becomes tremendously powerful, so powerful that you can control the world and make everyone fall in love with you.

There's a story that's been told, that, an empty vial of a perfume that carried Scent N°13 has been found in Egypt, in one of the pyramids. When it was opened and the scent was released, everyone in the world felt happy and in love, for a moment.

This day, we present to you our secret formula in scents N°13 from Ahwaz fragrance.