100% Pre-Sliced Pure Iberico Chorizo

100% Pre-Sliced Pure Iberico Chorizo

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100% Pre-Sliced Pure Iberico Chorizo
Product description
This Iberian Chorizo is carefully prepared to the method that has been perfected for many years by Manuel Maldonado of Extremadura, mid-west Spain. The objective has always been to produce a product that preserves the original flavour of the 100% pure-bred Iberian meat and for this the best cuts of lean pork are used and flavored with paprika (of local production), a little garlic and a little salt for improved taste.

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Perfect Pairing

An outstanding English Sparkling Wine from Cornwall, showing elegant floral aromas alongside a palate of green apple and white flowers. It's bright, vibrant acidity offers the perfect balance to our Iberico Chorizo.