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The Platinum Pudding Competition
has now closed

The wait is over!

We asked the nation’s at-home bakers to create a pudding fit for The Queen – and much like Her Majesty throughout her historic reign, they delivered the extraordinary. Meet our five finalists, discover their puddings, and join Fortnum’s in celebrating the glorious conclusion to our Platinum Pudding Competition.

Thank you to those who have entered. We’ve had an overwhelming response with almost 5,000 submissions.

The winning pudding will be an important part of the celebrations marking Her Majesty’s 70 years as Monarch. And the creator of the winning pudding will be invited to be at the centre of the celebrations.

The winner will be announced via a one-hour celebratory special on BBC One in mid-May. Stay tune for further announcements.

Introducing our Platinum Pudding winner

We’re delighted to reveal that Jemma from Southport’s extraordinary Lemon Swiss Roll and Amaretti Trifle has been crowned the winner of our Platinum Pudding Competition. Congratulations, Jemma!

Meet the Judges

"'It’s absolutely wonderful. I think Britain is going to be so delighted and The Queen too.'"

What is a Pudding?

Let us first take a look at what we categorise as puddings today. Although the term 'pudding' has become synonymous with dessert in Britain, not all puddings are desserts, while all desserts are puddings in the modern sense of the word.

A Recipe for Togetherness

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The Judging Criteria

A good pudding should be joyful and celebratory, and make people smile. Here’s a reminder of what our esteemed judging panel were looking for.

It Tastes Just Right

The ingredients list needed to be 100% accurate - even a degree of imprecision can affect the flavour of a recipe. And of course, it should taste, well, delicious.

Perfect for Home Bakers

The winning dish needed to be easy enough for people everywhere to recreate at home! Our judging panel were looking for ingredients and kitchen equipment readily available to people all over the world, rather than fancy gadgets and complicated instructions.

A Memorable Story

A good pudding is made with passion and pride, so we loved hearing stories behind the entries. These included recipes inspired by Her Majesty The Queen’s life, those handed down through the generations, or a special family memory.

Fit for The Queen

The proof of the pudding may be in the eating, but this one will be served to The Queen, so it needs to look the part.

Everything Starts with an Idea

“Why do we not have a dish to honour our Queen?”, asked Ameer Kotecha and Jason Kelly. We'd like to say a huge thanks to Ameer and Jason for sharing their idea and passing the baton onto Fortnum & Mason.

And thank you to the Royal Household, The Big Jubilee Lunch and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport for their assistance in bringing the Platinum Pudding Competition to life. Let the baking commence!

Please make sure your recipe...

Is genuine, accurate and original

Is able to be submitted online using the form provided

Is hand-made (electric whisks and other commonplace gadgets are fine!) by you as an original creation

Please make sure your recipe does not...

Include anything else apart from your pudding's recipe, short description and photo

Include any names or personal details

Include any components that you have copied exactly from somewhere else