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Olivieri Colomba

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This beautifully hand-made delicate and soft leavened dough is an Easter cake of excellence. The mix of butter, flour, eggs combine to create this Classic Colomba which is soft, light, fluffy, and oh so moreish. This Colomba is covered in a slightly crisp glaze of almonds, hazelnuts and pine nuts, with a rich taste but is easily digestible thanks to no preserves, artificial flavourings and long maturation. This Classic Colomba has been made using the best quality ingredients, including Oranges that have been artisanally candied and Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, giving this Colomba a rich and indulgent taste with hints of delicious Orange throughout.

Did you know? Luigi Olivieri opened the first family bakery in 1882 in Arzignano, Italy, thus starting off Olivieri 1882, and now, through many iterations, changes and developments, with some included formats being pastry, a bakery, chocolate shop and cafeteria.

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