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Moz Art Wine Brunello Il Paradiso di Frassina, 75cl

Catalogue code: 2192349

In the year 2000 “il Cigno”, as Giancarlo Cignozzi is known, created the Paradiso di Frassina, in the heart of the Brunello wine area in Montalcino, in order to experiment, for the first time in the world, with the beneficial effects of music on the vines. The experiment, literally involving playing Mozart to his vines, was a massive success, The United Nations even considered this research one of the most sustainable projects in the world, including it in the “Bright Green Book" presented in Rio de Janeiro in June 2011.

Once the fruit has experienced the natural three seasons, they are harvested by hand from mid-September through October before being fermented in stainless steel temperature-controlled vats to preserve the fresh fruit notes. Once the fermentation is complete the wine spends a minimum of 36 months in French oak barrels before being bottled and rested for a further 12 months in the cellar.

The final tipple is ruby red in colour, which hints at the soft bouquet of cherry and strawberry, followed by a touch of vanilla and plenty of toasty characteristics from the oak barrels. Elegant and sophisticated, we think Mozart would be pleased with his namesake.

13.5% ABV

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