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Marrons Glacés, 360g

Catalogue code: 2006877

This 16th-century French speciality is made by a small family-owned company in France. Only the very best sweet chestnuts are used from Turin or Naples. In the first days of autumn, when mushrooms appear under the trees, the chestnut harvesters begin their work. The perfect chestnuts are placed in a cellar to dry for three weeks. Candying may take 7 to 10 days with the traditional French recipe, using a syrup made of sugar, glucose syrup and natural Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. A few moments in the oven are all it takes for the glazing to set around the glistening “marrons” (chestnuts), allowing the core of the fruit to retain its drop of syrup until the “marron” is ready to enjoy.

Weight: 360g

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